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Jerakami Travels is an awesome travel agency that believes in adventure, peace, and memories! At Jerakami Travels we specialize in luxury beach getaways for family vacations, squad trips and couple hideaways. Whether you like to adventure to new land, have some peace on the beach, or just create beautiful memories with the ones you love, we’ve got you covered!!!!

So, lets travel!

How it works:

Step 1: 📞Planning call – We start
by chatting on a complimentary planning call where I get to know you, your
interest, your travel style, etc


Step 2: 📅Planning & Design- I start planning the itinerary for your dream family getaway. One that’s designed to fit your unique needs.

Step 3: 📗I Book the Details- Whether it’s booking tours for your group trip or taking care of the flights and transfers. I take care of booking the big and small details of your trip.


Step 4: ✈️Take your Trip- You pack your bags and enjoy your family getaway! I’m just a call or text away if you need anything while you travel.

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We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.


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Jerakami Travels is a luxury travel agency specializing in family, group and couples vacations…

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